1.contoh teks negosiasi antara pengusaha dan pihak bank, 2. contoh teks negosiasi dalam pemecahan konflik

1. contoh teks negosiasi antara pengusaha dan pihak bank

2. contoh teks negosiasi dalam pemecahan konflik

* no.1-3: orientation 
 no.4-6: filing 
 no.7-12: offers 
 13-16: agreement 
 no.17-19: cover 
1.pengusaha: good afternoon 
2. the bank: good afternoon. adayg can sy help? 
3.pengusaha: Yes, I would like to meet with the head of bag.kredit 
4.pihak bank: let me across. (Heading to r.kepala bag.kredit) 
5.pengusaha: like this pack. I will develop the business sy. so, will apply for credit sy 
6.pihak banks: how much money you need to grow your business? 
7.pengusaha: sy requires funding of 200jt. sy can get the loan? 
8.pihak banks: sorry, sir. father of the loan amount is too large. What if the bank gives you a loan for 100jt kpd 
9.pengusaha: what can not be more than that, sir? sy it has long been a customer of this dibak. 
10.pihak banks: well to give sy 130jt father. how to pack? 
11.pengusaha: try more. I need it to develop my business. 
12.pihak bank: Okay. banks are only able to provide a loan of 150jt 
13.pengusaha: Okay. sy will take. when the money can be withdrawn. if possible as soon as possible 
14.pihak bank: if you agree that money can dicaikan immediately 
15.pengusaha: yes, then what next? 
16.pihak bank: the bank will give you my best service for you. 
17.pengusaha: well then thank you for your cooperation, I excused first pack. 
18.pihak bank: both pack. slamat during 
19.pengusaha: good afternoon. 
(out of ruang.kepala bag.kredit)

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